African and Mediterranean marine biodiversity

The First International Workshop on Global Trends in Marine Biodiversity in African and Mediterranean ecosystems was held in University of Cape Town, South Africa, from the 7-9 December 2015.

The workshop aimed at bringing scientists from Africa and Mediterranean countries together to start an analysis of marine biodiversity changes in these countries. The final aim was to work collaboratively in a global analysis using the trawl scientific surveys and complementary data in the different marine ecosystems and countries to produce an expertise overview on the state and dynamics of marine biodiversity in these two regions. Common key scientific questions were treated regarding trends in exploited and by-catch species including different categories such as species type and several species traits. A comparative approach using common statistical techniques will be used to extract the key information from available datasets in the group.
Participants to the workshop were targeted experts of different ecosystems with local knowledge and access to local datasets, with right to work and publish using the long term data sets, and experts on data analysis and statistical techniques.

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